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CHIBOJI Nasal Aspirator

【Non-Intrusive Design】 The head of the CHIBOJI nasal aspirator is specially designed to have a larger diameter than a baby's nostrils. It will not enter the child's nasal cavity, so it will not hurt the nasal mucosa! 【Get it Done within 7 sec!】 Place the head of the nasal aspirator to the outer edge of the babys' nostrils, then gently pull the handle to suck out the snot. Note, when sucking nasal snot, please avoid bending the silicone tube, which may cause airflow obstruction. 【Detachable & Easy to Clean】 The Detachable design makes it easy to clean the nasal aspirator. Simply twist the cap and rinse it with water. If the handle is not smooth enough when pulling, pour some oil on the napkin and gently wipe the connection.